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    Medical Sealing System

    Auto Sealing / Automatic Cutting & Sealing Device / Cutting Device

    • Auto Sealing machine

    Entrhal medical Sealer

    • EM20NK : Sealing
    • EM30 : Sealing + printing
    • Heating time only 1 min
    • Packing materials : EN868, Tyvek
    • Weight : 7 ~ 9kg
    • Seam and sealing speed : 10m/min, 12mm
    • Automatic Cutting & Sealing Device

    PMS Pouchmate (SM1030)

    Automatic Cutting & Sealing

    Pouchmate will produce ready to fill pouches fully automatically. It can also be used as a cutting machine separately to meet your special length demand from 50mm up to 1.000mm.

    Multiple Reel Loading
    Up to total load width of 40cm, the Pouchmate can be loaded with different reels of varying widths. Determine your needs, start your operation and increase your productivity by multiplying your outcome.

    In-Feed Sealing
    Filled pouches can be easily sealed with Pouchmate. The adjustable sealing speed feature helps to manage your high volume operations without compromising seal quality.

    • Manual Cutting Device

    Entrhal medical Cutting Device


    • For safe storage of reels and easy cutting of packaging material with safety cutting head with circular knife.


      The stable cutting device is made from anodised aluminium and powder coated steel.


      With holes for wall mounting and rubber feet for table use.


      For reels of sterile packaging material up to approx. 200mm diameter.


      Width 600, 900 and 1200mm

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