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    Ultrasonic Cleaner, Low Temperature Sterilization, Detergent


    Advanced Cleaning Solutions

    Cleaning and disinfection of surgical instruments 


    Whether you reprocess your instruments manually, in a washer-disinfector, or use a combination of both, you will always find the suitable deconex® products.

    V-PRO maX 2 Low Temperature Sterilization System

    maX Compatibility, maX Throughput, maX Easy, maX Simplicity maX Savings

    • Fast Non Lumen Cycle – Reprocess up to 5 Kg of non lumen devices in 16 minutes
    • Non Lumen Cycle – Reprocess up to 22.7 Kg of non lumen devices in 28 minutes
    • Flexible Cycle – Reprocess up to 11 Kg of mixed loads in 35 minutes
    • Lumen Cycle – Reprocess up to 20 stainless steel lumened surgical instruments in 52 minutes

    • The innovative Moisture Check is included in every cycle to help confirm loads are dry and prevent cycle aborts. The Fast Non Lumen Cycle, only available with the V-PRO maX 2 Sterilizer, uses half the sterilant compared to all other V-PRO Sterilizer cycles.


    Effective and Efficient - Ultrasonic and Steam Cleaning Technologies by Elma

    Elma offers professional cleaning technology and services for a wide variety of markets and industries.

    Therefore Elma technologies are diverse in use: in the watch industry, at the jeweller, in hygiene areas at doctor's surgeries, dentists and hospitals as well as in various industrial fields such as aerospace or optics.

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